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Date of birth: 15th May 2006‚Äč

Benjamin came to us in June 2008 aged 2yr 2m. His Mother was a house girl who was assaulted at age 15, resulting in twin boys. She had to leave the babies with her aged father, while she went to look for work. One of the twins died of malnutrition aged about 1yr and so Benjamin came to us through an elderly lady who took his mother on as house girl.

Benjamin had a ferocious appetite in the early days. He also suffered from night terrors and our staff would have to wake him each night to console him, but happily this did not last too long. He was very withdrawn and we feared he might have learning difficulties but this has turned out not to be the case. Benjamin is a bright child and shows great promise.

He turned 10 in May this year. He is very close to Joshua and Esther & Jeremiah's son Abba. He loves playing football. He goes to Suubi Africa Primary School and is in Primary 3.

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