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Date of birth: 10th September 2005‚Äč

Faith came to us in June 2008 aged 2yr 9m. She was abandoned by her mother when she was only a few months old and left at Mungo Hospital. Her great aunt worked there but already had 5 children, so Faith was taken back to the village where she was neglected.

On her arrival we discovered just how ill she was. She had Kwashiokor and was so swollen that she was in real danger of a heart attack. She had to be fed a concentrated high protein diet for two weeks. She was also very withdrawn and showed no emotion or reaction. Once fully recovered, she showed us her true personality which is one of pure joy. She has spirit and is full of mischief. She is a girl with attitude and a sparkle in her eye! She loves a cuddle and being the centre of attention.

Faith is now 10 years old. Last year she was accepted to go to the African Outreach Academy boarding school in Luwero. So along with Joy and Vanessa, she boards every term and comes home for the holidays. She is in Primary 6. Faith is very bright and is doing very well. When she is home, she loves dressing up, make up and dancing.

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