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Date of birth: 15th January 2006

Joy came to us in 2010. Her mother was desperate and left her on the church steps with a note pinned to her saying ‘for Kwagala’. On coming into the family she had malaria, anaemia, Kwashiorkor & was very withdrawn. Joy would take herself off into a corner and look incredibly sad. Staff observed her teaching the other children how to hoe in the garden. This indicated that she would have been expected to work on the land at her home from a very early age.

Joy has blossomed in Elvet house and is living up to her name, her smile lights up her entire face. She, like Vanessa loves to mother the other children and loves to play games with them.​

Joy is now 10 years old. Last year she was accepted to go to the African Outreach Academy boarding school in Luwero. So along with Faith and Vanessa, she boards every term and comes home for the holidays. When she comes home, she loves music, make up and braiding other people's hair.

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