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Meet Michael

We have a new member of our family...Michael who is 11 years old from a district called Rakai. Esther happened to meet him when she was in Kampala. He was with his Uncle, who makes drums, and he was playing the drums and the flute. His mother had died and his father is paralyzed from the waist down and has 12 other children.

Michael's uncle agreed to look after him as he had musical talent and thought he could help him in his business. However Esther overheard his Uncle on the phone saying that he could not afford to keep him anymore so would have to take him back home.

Esther invited Michael to Elvet House to spend Christmas and then asked if he would like to stay permanently, which he and his family were very happy with. He has settled in really well. He doesn't have any real medical concerns but just needs better nutrition, which he is now getting.