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Date of birth: 4th January 2010

Towards the end of 2015 we were informed of 4 children who were in desperate need from a neighboring village, and we were able to offer them a permanent home with us in December 2015.

Sam came from a neighboring village - Kayunga Mukono District, along with his sister Leah. He is 5 years old and comes from a family of 12 siblings where he is the 11th child. He was living with his mother and father. His father is the village drunk and does not work. Whatever little the mother earns he drinks it all. They live in a one room house. When he arrived he had kwarshiokor, worms, jiggers, ring worm and was really malnourished. We took him to hospital to remove the jiggers in his hands and feet. We have been giving him vitamins, cod-liver oil, deworming tablets and a balanced diet. He is much healthier right now. He is a cheerful boy. He loves dancing, playing games with others, story time and he loves being here!

We took Sam and Leah's mother to the clinic to get her tubes tied. She had been lead to believe that any intervention in family planning was wrong, would make her ill and she would die. We explained how this might help improve her health and financial situation if she stopped having children and therefore didn't have any more mouths to feed. 

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